^ Window #1 (2011)
The Window Series

^ Matinee (2009)
commissioned by Performa 2009

^ excerpt from The Park (2009)
Leaf Blower

^ excerpt from The Park (2009)

^ excerpt from The Park (2009)

^ excerpt from The Corner (2008)
Madison and E. 24th street

The Corner, turns to the urban landscape, specifically the street corner for inspiration. Incorporating social protocols, codes of style and behavior, the personalities in The Corner are familiar characters whose business, social life and status are determined and reliant upon the city streets. The Corner exposes the automatic suspicions and misconceptions that are commonly made in order to identify faces in a crowd and alter behavior. The potentially volatile "thug", the woman of a questionable reputation or the shady character who paces and mumbles are familiar types that many urbanites are acquainted with. By relying on common false-presumptions and stereotyping, Plumb creates contemporary anthropological portraits that comment on race, gender and the economics of contemporary urban life.
^ excerpt from Together (2008)
Wednesday - Ash Wednesday
Thursday - St. Patrick's Day

Together consists of a series of films inspired by the artist's grandparents who, after spending a lifetime together, now approach the inevitable fact of mortality. The quasi-documentary structure reinforces the artist's anthropological approach to domestic living with seven shorts, each representing a day of the week. Presenting familiar activities of married life that range from sharing a meal to preparing for a night's sleep, Plumb provides a unique contemporary portrait of cohabitation with a comic twist.
^ excerpt from Paper Collection (2007)

Plumb's film Paper Collection focuses on the characters of the fashion world. Portraying herself as model, photographer, magazine editor and fashionista, Plumb delves into concepts of visual beauty and the nature of superficiality. Viewed through Plumb's self-conscious lens of humor and naiveté, this film chronicles both the cultural significance and the accompanying absurdity that prevails in the world where surface and appearance are of the utmost importance.
^ Olympics (2005)
Track and Field
^ excerpt from Black and White (2004)
Rattles and Cherries
^ excerpt from Black and White (2004)
Shalmont Field
^ excerpt from Before Z (2004)
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The half-hour Super 8 film includes 26 sketches; one for each letter of the alphabet. Plumb acts-out words with her unique brand of slapstick humor as letters whimsically appear and disappear across the screen.
^ excerpt from How To (2002)
^ excerpt from Commercials (2001)
^ excerpt from The Pros Part 2 (2000)
^ excerpt from The Pros Part 1 (1999)